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Social Media Marketing

Learn in-and-out of Social Media Marketing. In layman term, knowing everything about how social media works to make things popular.


Facebook Advertising

Learn how to take advantage of Facebook’s advertising platform to make sales. Facebook is home to billions of users across the world.


Mastering WordPress

WordPress being favorite CMS of 27% web developers around the internet, this Bean will help you learn in-and-out of WordPress. Learn how to make complex websites using WordPress, not just simple blogs.


Blogging Rockstar

Our Blogging Bean is specifically crafted for text content creators. Bring your writing career on the digital platforms and learn everything about reaching the right audience.


Affiliate Marketing

Learn and model proven affiliate systems for a successful affiliate marketer career.


AdWords PPC

Learn converting traffic through paid Google listing into sales using Google AdWords.


Local SEO

Perfect Bean for a shop owner or small businessman to learn promoting their business online in their local area.



The idea of selling a product online seems doable but there are dozens of challenges which requires dedicated resources and expertise. Our eCommerce specific Bean is to help you learn everything about conducting online business.



Social traffic might have taken a lead for a while but Search Engine traffic is always going to hold an important position. With the help of this Bean, you’ll learn how to create content recipes which are liked by Google and other search engines.


Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the oldest digital marketing methods. This Bean will make you learn in-and-out of email marketing.


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